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The Bosphorus Database is intended for research on 3D and 2D human face processing tasks including expression recognition, facial action unit detection, facial action unit intensity estimation, face recognition under adverse conditions, deformable face modeling, and 3D face reconstruction. There are 105 subjects and 4666 faces in the database. This database is unique in three aspects:

1) Rich repertoire of expressions:

  • Up to 35 expressions per subject
  • FACS scoring (includes intensity and asymmetry codes for each AU)
  • One third of the subjects are professional actors/actresses

2) Systematic head poses (13 yaw and pitch rotations)

3) Varieties of face occlusions (beard & moustache, hair, hand, eyeglasses)


Data Acquisition:

Facial data are acquired using structured-light based 3D system. Acquisitions are single view, and subjects were made to sit at a distance of about 1.5 meters away from the 3D digitizer. The sensor resolution in x, y & z (depth) dimensions are 0.3mm, 0.3mm and 0.4mm respectively, and colour texture images are high resolution (1600x1200 pixels). A 1000W halogen lamp was used in a dark room to obtain homogeneous lighting for good quality texture images.

Sample Snapshots


Snapshots from the Bosphorus Database. Samples are shown with and without texture, and both from frontal and 45° yaw views. Please go to the Content page for more snapshots.


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